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Control - The Strode Control - The Strode

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Spectacular... i think that it doesnt really need vocals whatsoever. this sounds like some backround music to like a battle or something... but one thing that almost ruined the whole song was the base X.X especially at 2:38 through 3:23... i dont think the song needs a base either, or just make it like a thousand times more quite. other than that, very METAL!!

K1LL3R-9 responds:

thanks for the review, I noticed the bass guitar mess ups, and I do plan on rerecording it later on. while i was creating the tone, i tried to make it really distorted, but i guess when it was put through the monitor it sounded better than it really was.

Battery.. Battery..

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i thught it was awsome metallica would be proud, and if its guitars you need i can play this song easy but it would take like 9 recordings though becuase there is so many guitars in this one but give me a p.m if you need any type of music help.

djt820 responds:

Will do man. Thanks for the review \m/

When I Say STFU Bitch When I Say STFU Bitch

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but i think u should cut out that whole middle part when it goes slow cuz it was not easy to listen to. also, maybe you can make it a lil more metal cuz then this would be perfect like replace the middle with like a death metal solo. but other than that gnarly

TheRealSam responds:

Well man that's exactly what I wanted to do! :p
Break the whole metal thing, suddenly kill the rhythm, surprise the one who's listening by giving him something calm, melodic.
I just wanted to put many different parts, from the classic heavy riff, to a calm acoustic stuff.
So thank you for your review, but don't expect me to change anything in the song! :)

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train

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well i am stoked! i happen to know the bass guitar and the vocals for this song and you nailed it! i'm downloading this right now! also if it's possible you should record the real song and take the vocals from ozzy and pop em on this if it's possible. still stoked!!!

TheGimpsta responds:

I can try, but I gotta tell ya, I've never tried it before so I dunno how it would turn out, lol.

Crazy Train [Remix] V2 Crazy Train [Remix] V2

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i loved it. but the vocals where a bit to ringy. but very great!

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